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Greater Speed and Convenience: Sonnet Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34

Imagine increasing  productivity and saving time transferring large media files and photographs from two CF memory cards at the same time on your MacBook Pro. Sonnet’s Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 provides digital photographers the means to transfer data from two cards concurrently rather than swapping them out of the adapter. The unique dual-slot CF memory card adapter accepts two Type I (flash memory) cards or a combination of one Type I and one Type II (hard drive) card. Unlike common CF adapters, Sonnet’s adapter uses the 2.5 Gbps PCI Express interface incorporated into ExpressCard® slots, so it delivers performance superior to adapters that depend on the ExpressCard slots’s slower USB 2.0 interface.

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Give Your Mac Pro or Mac mini a Lift!

Looking to secure your Mac Pro or MacCuff mini from floor hazards, everyday desktop clutter, or better cable management? Sonnet’s MacCuff Pro and MacCuff mini Bracket Mounting Systems clear the clutter and liberate your computer from the desktop. Featuring a rugged steel frame with a refined platinum finish and durable plastic coating to prevent scratches, MacCuff Pro and MaCuff mini provide a practical way to mount your MacPro or Mac mini to a stable desk or table or mount a Mac mini to the back of a LCD monitor with VESA mounting holes. Receiving a high rating from the Mac news site, MacsimumNews, reviewer Dennis Sellers has this to say:
“The MacCuff Pro offers several benefits. It keeps your Mac Pro or Power Mac G5 elevated and away from scampering dust bunnies. It also makes it easy to vacuum under and around the pro desktop. What’s more, the MacCuff Pro helps deal with cable sprawl.

Another benefit is that it secures a Mac Pro or Power Mac G5 to your desk or table. Although a thief couldn’t exactly stuff such a system under his jacket. the pro desktops can be stolen when you’re away from your home, home office or office—as I, unfortunately, can testify. The Sonnet product doesn’t make the Mac “unstealable” (honestly, what can?), but at least someone who’s out to pilfer your precious Apple hardware will have to work harder to get it. There’s something satisfying in that.”

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MacBook and MacBook Pro Protection

In need of notebook accessories to keep your MacBook or MacBook Pro in pristine condition? Sonnet’s got solutions. Carapace Notebook Keyboard Cover is a durable and flexible, thin silicone cover custom-molded for your notebook’s keyboard. It’s a perfect fit to allow easy touch-typing for any sort of environment.

How about the case? Notebooks are notoriously known for getting scuffs and scratches from every day use. Sonnet 2fit Notebook Sleeve + Screen Protector is a stylish and practical form-fitting cover that provides a durable layer of protection to help prevent damage to your computer’s finish. The included screen protector buffers the screen from keyboard rubs during transport. Made of the finest-quality optical cloth, it is also perfect for cleaning the notebook’s display.

Christoper Spera of geardiary.com has this to say about 2fit in his online review:

“I really like the 2fit. It provides some much needed protection to your MacBook Pro while it sits inside the backpack notebook case that I bought for it. I’ve come to rely on it so much, in fact, that I don’t take my MBP anywhere without it. If you have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, then this is probably the best $30 bucks you’re every going to spend on an accessory.”

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Greater Speed and Convenience: Sonnet Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter
Give Your Mac Pro or Mac mini a Lift!
MacBook and MacBook Pro Protection

Customer comments

"Excellent products. Great customer service. I'm impressed." —Tom Hutchinson
"I don’t know what to be more impressed with—Apple and my faithful Power Mac that has served me well over the years, or Sonnet and the great selection of upgrade products you offer to keep my Mac (and my business) fast and connected with the latest in technology. Great job!" — George Lahey
"I seem to always have messy hands with jam and toast or a cup of coffee by my MacBook in the morning. I’m glad to see that with your Carapace notebook cover I can keep on typing with crumbs and all. Plus its easy to wash in the dish washer!" — Mark Emerson

Carapace Silicone Keyboard Cover