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Sonnet’s Fusion™ D800RAID SATA Storage System
Safeguards Data, Increases Productivity at Mad Media

Redundancy, Speed, Capacity, and Appealing Price Point Make Fusion System
a Smart Solution for Mac®-Based Design and Post-Production Company

For Release: January 10, 2008

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Martin Muggee

IRVINE, Calif. — January 10, 2008 — Sonnet Technologies’ Fusion™ D800RAID desktop SATA storage system has been adopted by design and post-production house Mad Media to ensure secure, convenient, and cost-effective data storage. Mad Media creates branded content based largely on client-sponsored action and motor sports athletes, such as Subaru Rally Team USA® driver Travis Pastrana and Red Bull®-sponsored SCORE International® athlete Andy McMillin. The Fusion D800RAID system provides Mad Media with reliable storage of its unique high definition video not only for use in Web content, but also for national television ad campaigns, feature-length film projects, and new mobile technology platforms like the Apple® iPhone™.

“I have very closely monitored the progression of ‘low-cost’ data solutions for professional video applications for the past few years, and Sonnet’s Fusion D800RAID product was the first to offer RAID 5 redundancy with a storage capacity of more than 6TB and throughput exceeding 500 MB/sec,” said Joshua Martelli, director of TV/film at Mad Media. “We waited for the product to come to market, and we’ve been thrilled with the result. The Fusion D800RAID system gives us a central repository from which our editors can access the same data simultaneously, and it’s allowed us to organize footage more effectively, safeguarding content from future loss while increasing our productivity.”

The Mad Media facility in Oceanside, Calif., is built around Apple’s 8-core Mac Pro systems with AJA® Kona video cards for capture and acceleration. The company relies on tape as little as possible, shooting most footage with Panasonic’s DVCPROHD® P2 cameras. Editors rely primarily on Final Cut Studio® 2 and a variety of Adobe® solutions for video; for audio, they use ProTools® and Apple’s Soundtrack® Pro. The Fusion D800RAID system replaced the company’s “sneakernet” storage scheme that was comprised of a series of 1TB external drives from various manufacturers. The Sonnet storage system was preconfigured for Mad Media, which allowed Josh Martelli to simply open the box, drop the Sonnet PCI Express® RAID controller card into the principal editing machine, connect the drive enclosure, and get to work. Files and data stored on the Fusion D800RAID are now accessible over Mad Media’s internal dual-Gigabit Ethernet network.

Sonnet’s award-winning Fusion D800RAID storage systems provide exceptional performance and data safety in affordable, direct-attached disk arrays ideal for individual projects and for use in facilities with multiple edit stations. Created for HD edit environments in which speed and fault-tolerance are a necessity, the eight-drive Fusion D800RAID systems are available in 4TB, 6TB, or 8TB configurations, all incorporating Enterprise/RAID Edition drives.

The high-performance Sonnet PCI Express RAID controller, based on the latest-generation Intel® IOP348 RAID processor, handles the throughput of all eight drives with plenty of overhead, and 256MB of ECC-protected RAM helps to maintain data-stream writes as the disk array nears capacity. As a result, Mad Media’s Fusion system can manage uncompressed HD video streams easily while at the same time protecting data. The unit’s flexible RAID configuration provides failsafe protection in the event of drive failure.

“Dollar for dollar, the Fusion D800RAID was the best solution available for the money we were prepared to spend on storage,” said Martelli. “Sonnet’s technology has grown over time, just as we have, which means we’ve been able to absorb the company’s product line and merge it with our Mac-based editing systems to move forward with an emphasis on speed and cost-effective operations. We anticipate incorporating additional Fusion systems into our operations as our business continues to grow.”

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