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For Release: June 17, 2008

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IRVINE, CA—June 17, 2008—Sonnet Technologies, a leader in upgrades and useful accessories for Apple® Mac desktop and notebook computers, announces the immediate availability of the eSATA Extender Cable for Mac Pro computers. Sonnet’s eSATA Extender Cable enables Mac Pro users to easily connect up to two external hard drives to the unused SATA ports on their computers’ logic boards and take full advantage of the built-in storage connection capabilities.

All Mac Pro computers support the connection of six SATA hard disk drives, but only allow the internal installation of four. Two SATA connectors sit unused on the logic board, hidden behind the large fan module. Sonnet’s eSATA Extender Cable simply plugs into the two spare connectors and extends them to the back of the computer, where users can easily connect up to two external hard drives. Because the drives are connected via the eSATA interface, users will experience the best performance possible from SATA drives, with data transfers up to twice as fast as FireWire®! Because the eSATA Extender Cable is not a host adapter card, it’s a great solution for power users needing all their computer's PCI Express bus bandwidth or slots for other interface cards. Sonnet provides detailed installation instructions all Mac Pro computers.

Sonnet eSATA Extender Cable Benefits

Adds two eSATA ports to any Mac Pro computer or PC with motherboard SATA connectors

Enables connection of up to two external hard drives using the eSATA interface,
delivering faster performance than FireWire or USB 2.0

Connects to Mac Pro’s logic board; does not impact its PCI Express® bus
configuration or performance

Sonnet eSATA Extender Cable Compatibility

Mac Pro (Early 2008)

Mac Pro

PC with motherboard SATA connectors

Pricing and Availability
Sonnet eSATA Extender Cable (part number TCB-SATA-MP) is available now for the retail price of USD $29.95.

For information on Sonnet’s eSATA Extender Cable, visit the Sonnet web site at:

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Sonnet Exposes Mac® Pro Computers’ Hidden SATA Interface

eSATA Extender Cable Enables Users to Connect External Drives to Logic Board Connectors

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