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Carapace—The Clear Choice in Mac Notebook and Desktop Keyboard Protection

In a world full of dirty fingers, food crumbs, and knocked-over beverages, your computer's keyboard is under the constant threat of damage. Why risk expensive Mac® notebook repair bills or ruining your desktop keyboard? Protect it with one of Sonnet's high-quality Carapace keyboard covers. Carapace encloses each key, and covers the spaces between to safeguard your keyboard from dust, crumbs, spills, and everyday mishaps.

Comfortable and Natural Typing Surface That Repels Dust Unlike Traditional Sticky Silicone Skins

Compared to traditional sticky silicone skins, Carapace's unique coating provides the dual benefits of being anti-static so as not to attract dust, and having a more natural feel so as to feel comfortable even during long typing periods. With Carapace in place, typing speed and accuracy are unaffected—its thin and flexible construction provides a clear view of the keys and dampens the sound of keystrokes.

Each Carapace keyboard cover is made of durable silicone, and is custom-designed and perfectly fitted to your keyboard to allow easy touch-typing in any sort of environment. You'll hardly notice it's there.

Carapace on Apple Wireless Keyboard

Key Features

Extremely Thin and Durable—100% silicone material; thin and flexible construction allows normal typing

Unique Natural Feel Coating—Makes Carapace soft to the touch with no sticky feeling

Repels Dust—Anti-static coating repels dust to help keep your Carapace free from dirt build up

Custom-Molded—Carapace designed for Apple® notebooks and keyboards with individual function keys

Easy to Clean—Wash with soap and water and air dry


Durable and Simple to Clean

Carapace is easy to use and stands up to heavy activity—lay it across your computer's clean keys and start typing. When it needs cleaning, just lift it off and rinse with simple soap and water; common stains and dirt wash away. Prior to reusing, let your Carapace air dry and place back onto your keyboard. Carapace slips back onto your keyboard with a perfect fit without any distortion or loss of elasticity.

Carapace on Apple Wired Keyboard

Safeguard Your Apple® Notebook or Desktop Keyboard. From dust and crumbs to dirty fingers and unexpected spills, Sonnet's Carapace offers custom tailored protection for your MacBook®, MacBook Air(1), MacBook Pro, and Apple Wired and Wireless keyboards.

Select a Carapace Tailored Fit for Your Specific Keyboard:

13" MacBook (Aluminum & polycarbonate models)11" & 13" MacBook Air13", 15" & 17" MacBook Pro (Aluminum unibody models)13" & 15" MacBook Pro (with Retina Display)
Apple Wireless & Wired Aluminum Keyboards (without numeric keypad) Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard (with numeric keypad)

Part No.  

Apple notebooks with low-profile keyboard:

  • MacBook (13" aluminum and polycarbonate models)
  • MacBook Air (13" models)
  • MacBook Pro (13", 15" and 17" aluminum unibody models)
  • MacBook Pro (13" and 15" Retina Display models)
KP-ALW Apple Wireless & Wired Aluminum Keyboards (without numeric keypad)
KP-AL Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard (with numeric keypad)
Warranty 1-year
Form Factor Keyboard cover
Keyboards Supported U.S./ISO Universal keyboards
Package Contents Carapace Keyboard Cover


Specifications subject to change without notice.




Mac Notebook and Desktop Keyboard Compatibility

Apple® notebooks with low-profile keyboard such as MacBook®, MacBook Air(1), MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody), and MacBook Pro (Retina Display)

Apple Wireless & Wired Aluminum Keyboards (without numeric keypad)

Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard (with numeric keypad)

Technical Notes

  1. Not compatible with 11" MacBook Air.

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