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Performance and Data Security

Data Security IconAre you looking for an affordable multi-drive rackmount storage system? Sonnet’s Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 should be on your short list. At just 1.75" tall, this versatile 4-drive RAID 5 SATA storage system is simple to deploy in most server racks, and delivers reliable operation and simple configuration in a convenient, budget-friendly package. This Sonnet storage system is equipped with a high-performance internal storage controller that manages the enclosed 3.5" hard drives, and offers five drive configuration options (including RAID 5). Its USB 3.0 interface ensures that you will be able to connect the system to just about any computer. 

RAID 5 IconHardware-Based RAID 5 Storage Controller Onboard

The Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0’s integrated storage controller supports RAID 5 formatting without additional hardware or software, providing data protection in the event of a single drive failure and eliminating the need for a specialized RAID controller card. In addition to RAID 5, the R400 USB 3.0 supports RAID 0, RAID 10, Span, and JBOD drive formatting. With RAID 0, all four drives are combined into a single volume to offer improved performance and full drive capacity, but without any protection in case one of the drives fails. With RAID 10, two drives are combined into a single volume, while the remaining two drives mirror the data on the first two, providing good performance and better file security. Span formatting combines all four drives' capacity into a single, large volume.  The JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) formatting option enables more concurrent audio file editing capabilities. Whichever mode you choose, setup is as simple as setting a switch. Drive operation and health status is available at a glance with multi-color LEDs.

Key Features

Protected Data—When drives configured as a RAID 5 set, data transfers up to 240 MB/sec while protecting the data

RAID Controller Onboard—Integrated hardware RAID controller supports RAID 5, RAID 0, RAID 10, JBOD, and span drive configurations with no specialized controller card needed

Simple Cofiguration—A simple switch enables you to select RAID modes and configure the drives to meet your performance and data security needs

Simple Status Display—Multi-color LEDs allow you to determine operating status at a glance

USB 3.0 Interface—Single cable to host connection simplifies set up and reduces cable clutter

Temperature-Controlled Fan—Operates slowly most of the time, and speeds up with extended, intense disk activity

Wide Host Controller Card Compatibility—Compatible with Sonnet's full line of Tempo PCIe and ExpressCard/34 host controllers

Cross Platform Compatibility—Supports Mac® and Windows®, and Linux® computers


Performance Chart


USB 3.0 Interface Icon

USB 3.0 Interface

Connecting the Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 to your computer is simple—the 5.0 Gb/s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface delivers superior performance with USB 3.0 port-equipped computers, and enables you to connect the system to nearly any computer equipped with USB ports(1). If your computer doesn’t have USB 3.0 ports, Sonnet offers a wide variety of PCIe and ExpressCard/34 computer cards to get you connected.

Versatile Performance Icon

Versatile Performance

The Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 delivers data transfers up to 240 MB/sec read and 230 MB/sec write with its drives configured as a RAID 5 group. The flexibility and interoperability that the R400 provides are a great match for the various operating systems, applications and output demands your workflow requires. Because this Fusion storage system uses an integrated storage controller, it supports Mac®, Windows®, and Linux® computers, no configuration software required.

Hard Drives Icon

Just Add Drives

With new, higher-capacity hard drives introduced every few months, your choice of drives continues to expand. To allow you the widest selection possible, Sonnet sells the Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 without hard drives; just purchase the drives that best suit your capacity and performance needs(2).

Mac mini Server Storage Expansion

Mac mini with OS X ServerWith OS X Server software installed, the Mac® mini is a powerful, easy to set up and even easier to manage server. What it lacks on its own is a way to be conveniently and securely integrated into an IT rack, and easy expansion. Solutions to these issues are found with either the:

Data SecurityRackMac™ mini, which mounts one or two Mac minis side-by-side in a secure enclosure in 1U of rack space, or

Data SecurityxMac™ mini Server that mounts one Mac mini in 1U of rack space and connects two PCIe 2.0 slots via Thunderbolt 2, all housed within the same enclosure.

Data SecurityFor added data security and high availability, mount a second Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0, and, using popular backup and archiving software, configure the second Fusion R400 to automatically mirror the primary storage system.


Whichever Rack Mounting Solution You choose for the Mac mini, the Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 Provides the Ideal Complimentary Storage Expansion

Learn More About RackMac mini
Learn More About xMac mini Server


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Part No.  
FUS-R4BR5-0TB Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 (0TB)
Warranty 1-year
Form Factor Rackmount Storage Enclosure
External Connectors One USB 3.0
Data Transfer Speed Up to 240 MB/s read, 230 MB/s write, depending on drive configuration(1)
Drives Supported

Up-to-date compatible hard drives listed on our Certified Hard Drive Compatibility Chart

Supported Drive Configurations Hardware-based RAID 0, 5, and 10; span, and JBOD
Power Supply Universal 220W, 100–240V AC, 50–60Hz
Operating Temperature +32º F to +104º F (0º C to +40º C)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 17.0 x 16.25 x 1.75 in. (43.2 x 41.3 x 4.4 cm)
Weight (with drives, approxmiate) 14.95 lbs (6.78 kg)
RoHS Compliant Yes
Package Contents
  • Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0 Rackmount Storage Enclosure
  • Four 3.5" drive trays
  • One USB 3.0 cable
  • One Power cord
  • Documentation


Specifications subject to change without notice.





Hardware Compatibility

Mac® (Intel-based), Windows®, or Linux® computer with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0(1) ports

OS Compatibility

OS X® and Server 10.6.8+

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista®, Server: 2012, 2008


Technical Notes

  1. Full-speed data transfers possible when used with a USB 3.0 host connection and cable; speeds are limited by USB 2.0 bus or USB 2.0 cable.
  2. In all modes except JBOD, Sonnet strongly recommends the use of four identical drives in the Fusion R400 RAID USB 3.0. Due to varying operating characteristics, the use of different drives may lead to issues ranging from reduced total capacity, to louder operation, to RAID failures.


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Accessories Part No. Description
Fusion Slide Rack Set Fusion Rack Slide Set (17.5-21") FUS-RSS-P Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (17.5-21" rack)
Fusion Rack Slide Set (23-26.5") FUS-RSS-S Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (23-26.5" rack)
Fusion Rack Slide Set (27-30.5") FUS-RSS Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (27-30.5" rack)
Fusion Rack Slide Set (29-32.5") FUS-RSS-L Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (29-32.5" rack)