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Sonnet’s Optical Thunderbolt Cables provide fantastic flexibility in connecting Thunderbolt computers to devices at distances up to 30x greater than possible with copper cables. Available in 10-meter length, this cable is perfect for use in situations where you need to separate your Thunderbolt peripherals from the computer. Thunderbolt 2- and Thunderbolt-compatible, this Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cable delivers performance equal to copper Thunderbolt cables. These cables are very thin and lightweight, easy to route, and are as tough as copper cables.

Full Thunderbolt Performance

Sonnet's Optical Thunderbolt Cable provides dual-channel, bidirectional connectivity for 10Gbps Thunderbolt devices, or 20Gbps bidirectional support when used with a Thunderbolt 2 host and Thunderbolt 2 devices. The cable is hot-swappable, and each can carry both data and video. When you need to move a lot of data a great distance, fast, a Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cable is the right connection.

Key Features

Performance Equal to Copper Thunderbolt Cables—Supports 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 and 10Gbps Thunderbolt connections at full speed

Enables Remote Placement of Peripherals—Allows you to separate your computer from connected devices without loss of functionality

Easy to Route—Thin and lightweight cable is extremely flexible

Tough—As durable as copper Thunderbolt cable

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Optical Thunderbolt Cables Connections

Case 1 IconCase 1: Remote-Located Thunderbolt Peripherals

When working in noise-sensitive environments, equipment fan noise of any kind can be an unwelcome intruder—moving noisy equipment into another room or space may be the best option. Sonnet’s Optical Thunderbolt Cable enables you to install your Thunderbolt peripherals in one space, connect them to your computer in another, and operate without a loss in performance. In a recording studio with a MacBook Pro® as your DAW, you can access your pro audio PCIe cards mounted in a Thunderbolt-to-PCIe expansion chassis, such as the Sonnet Echo™ Express III-R, where additional Thunderbolt peripherals can be daisy chained off of the Echo chassis.


testBlack Magic Cinema Camera

Directly connecting your computer to an advanced video camera like the Blackmagic Cinema or Production Camera for waveform monitoring of 1080 HD video, and capture of Ultra HD and 1080 HD video is a beneficial feature, but not practical with a standard Thunderbolt cable. A Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cable enables your directly-connected camera to move freely at much greater distances from the computer.


Case 2 IconCase 2: Remote-Located Thunderbolt Host Computer

There are situations where placing a computer somewhere other than the workspace is called for such as a centralized machine room. Mount your Mac® mini in a Sonnet xMac™ mini Server or RackMac™ mini rackmount chassis, or Mac Pro® in an xMac Pro Server or RackMac Pro rackmount chassis, and then install it into an equipment rack. Set up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at a user’s desktop or workstation, and then connect them to a Thunderbolt dock, such as Echo 15+ Thunderbolt 2 Dock. Add the missing link—a Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cable—to connect them together. Give the user access to the power without the computer nearby.



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Part No.  
TCB-TB-OPT-60M Discontinued
Warranty 1-year
Connectors Two Thunderbolt
Data Transfer Speed

Up to 20Gbps

Bus-Powered Device Support No(1)
Operating Temperature 0° to +45°C (+32° to +113°F)
Storage/Shipping Temperature -20° to +85°C (-4° to +185°F)
Relative Humidity (Non-Condensation) 5 to 85 percent RH
RoHS Compliant Yes
Package Contents
  • Optical Thunderbolt Cable


Specifications subject to change without notice.






Mac or PC with a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 port

Any self-powered peripheral device with a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 port

Technical Notes

  1. Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cables do not support bus-powered devices


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