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Experience a Mass Storage Innovation on Your PC!

Fill your system with three interface technologies without loading up your PCI slots! The Sonnet Tempo™ Trio combines the parallel ATA drive interface and high-speed peripheral connections in one, simple-to-install card. Plug the Trio into a PCI slot, connect your drives, hot-plug the latest digital devices—you've created your own digital hub.

Expand your data storage capacity economically by connecting up to four big, fast internal ATA hard drives to the Trio—this is an easy way to improve your system's performance. If you've never opened your computer, don't worry—installing drives is easier than you might think. We even include one Ultra ATA cable (for two drives) and drive mounting screws to simplify the installation process. Just choose the drive(s) to fit your needs—you can use ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100, or ATA/133 drives—the Trio can handle them all.

Plug in the latest digital devices—DV camcorders, digital cameras, external drives, MP3 players, and more—to the individually powered ports to improve your peripheral vision!! The Trio supports FireWire, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, so you can choose from a vast array of gadgets and tools to connect to your system.

Key Features

Simple way to add USB 2.0 ports (2 external + 1 internal) and FireWire ports (2 external + 1 internal) to any compatible computer

Easy installation—plug and play

Supports all industry-standard FireWire 400 (a.k.a. i.LINK®, 1394a), and USB 1.1/2.0 peripherals

Supports hot-swappable device connection—plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer



Part No.  
T133FWU2-W Discontinued
Warranty 1-year
Bus Interface PCI
ATA Hardware Support
Number of Internal Drives Supported 4
Internal Drives Supported Supports any ATA/IDE fixed media hard drive including ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100, and ATA/133
Data Transfer Rate Sustained rate dependent on drive specifications; Up to 133 MB/s in burst master cycle
Advanced Features Coexists with SCSI and onboard IDE devices; 2 IDE ports; Multiple cards can operate simultaneously
Fimware Flash-ROM upgradeable to latest firmware
FireWire Support
Number of Ports 2 external
Standard IEEE 1394A compliant
Data Transfer Rate 100/200/400 Mbits/s
Number of Devices Supported Up to 63 (data only)
Hot Plug Supports hot-pluggable and hot-swappable device connection
USB Support
Number of Ports 2 external
Standard USB Specification v. 1.0/1.1/2.0 compatible. Complies with OHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) and EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface)
Data Transfer Rate USB 2.0: 480 Mbits/s; USB 1.1: 12 Mbits/s
Number of Devices Supported Up to 127
Hot Plug Supports hot-pluggable and hot-swappable device connection


Specifications subject to change without notice.

PC Compatibility

PC desktop (with PCI slots)

Windows Vista or XP (32-bit editions)

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