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Mac mini & Mac mini Server

Rack 'Em Up!

Mac mini computers make sweet servers for most applications. However, integrating them into a rack poses some challenges. How do you securely mount the minis? How do you keep them cool? How do you turn them on without pulling them out of the rack? How do you plug in a thumb drive for a quick update? Sonnet's RackMac mini solves all these challenges and more!

RackMac mini with Top Cover On

Server Room Sociable

This fully-assembled rackmount solution for the latest line of Mac® mini servers and computers supports the installation of one or two Mac minis side-by-side into 1U of rack space. Constructed of rugged steel, the RackMac mini places the computers behind a smart front panel. The RackMac mini's design manages airflow through the computers to keep them as cool as ambient air. Stack them close and stack them high for a Mac mini server farm. The RackMac mini provides a front panel power switch and front panel USB 3.0 port for each computer; built in panel-mount cables connect the ports to your computers' USB ports!

Road Trip Ready

RackMac mini In Mobile RackDo you need to take your mini on the road? The RackMac mini’s internal rubber bumpers holds your computers firmly in place even during transport in portable racks. Combine this with a shallow 11-inch mounting depth, and you have a product perfect for use in transportable rack applications, such as those from Gator Cases. The RackMac mini is a perfect solution for musicians or DJs! The RackMac mini's design also allows normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in rack), so you can use iPhone or iPod Touch application control apps.

Supports USB 3.0Front Controlled

For each Mac mini, the RackMac mini includes front panel access to each computer’s DVD (if present), IR receiver, power indicator, power switch, and one USB 3.0 port. At the front panel you can turn on each Mac mini, plus connect a keyboard, mouse or USB drive.

RackMac mini Front Panel

Rear Secured

RackMac mini allows open access to the computers' ports in the rear of the enclosure. Holes for cable ties enable you to secure all cables, keeping them tidy while avoiding accidental disconnects.

MacRack mini Rear View

Key Features

Securely installs one or two Mac minis inside a 1U rackmount enclosure

1U height and standard mounting holes allow RackMac mini to be installed easily into any standard equipment rack

Top cover padding which holds the computers firmly in place during transport and 11-inch mounting depth make RackMac mini perfectly suited for portable rack installations

Manages airflow from front to back through each computer to keep them ambient temperature chill, even when RackMac mini is mounted between two other components

Front panel openings allow insertion of CDs and DVDs, use of the IR receiver, and viewing of power indicator LEDs

Front panel buttons enable operation of the computers' rear mounted power switches

Front panel USB 3.0 ports allow connection of a USB peripheral (keyboard, flash drive, etc.) to each computer

Provides open access to back of the computers to connect and disconnect cables

Cable tie holes enable you to secure the power cord and other attached cables and avoid accidental disconnects while keeping them tidy


Cool as a Cucumber

RackMac mini secures your Mac mini’s without trapping them in recirculating hot rack air. A strategically designed chamber directs cool air in a one-way path through front panel openings to the computers’ air intakes, and then out the back.

Single Mac mini rackmount configuration

Two Mac mini Rackmount Configuration

Stay Cool. RackMac mini's design ensures that cool air goes in a one-way path through the front panel openings to the computers’ air intakes, exiting out the rear. In a single Mac mini configuration, the Sonnet solution's air dam and strategically placed seals help keep air from circulating in the unoccupied computer bay. Whether you install one or two Mac minis, RackMac mini prevents recirculation of hot air around the computers to keep them ambient temperature chill and operating reliably.

Optical Disc Drive Options

Optical DiscBelieve it or not, some people still need to use DVDs and CDs with their computers; some even want to burn Blu-ray™ discs! The problem for those people who also have a recent Mac mini is that their computers don't have optical drives. Sonnet offers two solutions:

Blu-Ray Burner
Sonnet's Blu-ray Burner for RackMac mini covers all of your Blu-ray, DVD, and CD burning needs—from single- and multi-layer Blu-ray discs and DVDs to standard CDs. This complete optical drive plus mounting bracket solution installs in the left bay of the RackMac mini and connects via a USB cable to your Mac mini.

SuperDrive Bracket
For users with simpler needs, Sonnet’s SuperDrive™ Bracket for RackMac mini is an equally easy to install bracket for the Apple USB SuperDrive. Simply insert your SuperDrive (sold separately by Apple and others) into the bracket, mount the bracket into the left bay of the RackMac mini, and connect to a USB port on your Mac mini.


Blu-ray Burner for RackMac mini

Blu-ray Burner for RackMac mini



SuperDrive Bracket for RackMac mini

SuperDrive(1) Bracket for RackMac mini


(1)Apple SuperDrive sold separately.
Part No.  
RACK-MIN-2X RackMac mini
Warranty 1-year
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 x 11 x 1.7 in. (48.3 x 27.9 x 4.4 cm)
Weight 6.85 lbs (3 kg)
Package Contents
  • RackMac mini enclosure, assembled
  • Documentation





Mac Compatibility

Mac mini or Mac mini with OS X Server [mid 2010 (4,1) through late 2014 (current 7,1)]

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Accessories Part No. Description
Blu-ray Burner for RackMac mini Blu-ray Burner for RackMac mini RACK-MIN-BDRW Bracket with Blu-ray optical drive for burning and reading Blu-ray, DVD and CD optical discs
SuperDrive Bracket for RackMac mini SuperDrive Bracket for RackMac mini RACK-MIN-SDBK Bracket for Apple SuperDrive


RackMac mini Product Overview (2:14 mins)

RackMac mini Installation Video (2:26 mins)

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