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Thunderbolt Technology Rackmount Expansion with Storage — Add Mac mini and Favorite PCIe Expansion Card

xMac mini RAID Server bundles are cost-effective solutions for deploying a Mac mini with OS X Server in a rack for a variety of purposes. We've combined the popular xMac mini Server Thunderbolt-to-PCIe expansion system/1U rackmount enclosure for Mac mini with a Thunderbolt port, with the Fusion™ R400S RAID 1U rackmount storage system, plus the Tempo™ SATA Pro 6Gb PCIe 2.0 eSATA controller card into one package. Just add your Mac mini with OS X Server and favorite expansion card, rack 'em up and go!

The xMac mini RAID server and Mac mini with OS X Server combine to deliver greater capabilities than the computer by itself. The Mac mini is small and powerful, but it has no space to install expansion cards, so you're limited to connecting gear, including external drives, to the ports on the computer. The xMac mini RAID Server connects two PCIe slots and high-speed, RAID 5 protected storage to your Mac mini, allowing you to add the connections you want and providing the extra storage you need. For example, when you install a Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet card into the open PCIe slot and connect the card to an Ethernet switch, you'll get greater bandwidth and improved performance for file sharing and mail services among connected clients, and for Web site hosting.

For the specialist, the xMac mini RAID Server provides intriguing options for the user in just 2U rack space. The xMac mini Server's full-length PCIe slot supports many special purpose cards, including video capture & processing cards from AJA, BlackMagic Design, Matrox and more, and pro audio cards from Avid, Lynx, RME, Universal Audio, and others. This enables your Mac mini to serve as a high definition video ingest/playout server, or as a media ingest station, even as a pro audio recording and editing rig.

Key Features

xMac mini Server:

Server Room Ready—1U rackmount enclosure houses Mac mini, PCIe slots, and integrated power supply. System includes variable speed temperature controlled fans for air flow management; replaceable fans and power supply; panel mount cables and cable locking mechanism to secure cables

Two PCIe Slots—One half-length/low-profile PCIe slot occupied with Sonnet 2-port eSATA host controller card; one full-length/full-height PCIe slot available for additional PCIe card

2-port eSATA Host Controller Card Included—Sonnet Tempo SATA Pro 6Gb PCIe 2.0 2-port PCIe card connects Fusion R400S RAID storage system; second eSATA port on card allows further eSATA storage expansion

Diverse PCIe Card Support—Enables use of pro video capture, audio interface, 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and RAID controller cards with a Mac mini with Thunderbolt technology

Thunderbolt Expansion—Supports daisy chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals, including storage systems and video I/O devices

Fusion R400S RAID:

High Performance, Protected Data—When drives configured as a RAID 5 set, data transfers up to 240 MB/sec read, 220 MB/sec write while protecting the data

RAID Controller Onboard—Integrated hardware RAID controller supports RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 10, Span, and Clone drive configurations on its own; no need for a specialized RAID controller card. Supports JBOD formatting when used with SATA controller that supports port multipliers

Four Drive Bays for Storage—Add your own hard drives to custom configure your storage needs

eSATA Interface—Single cable to host connection simplifies set up and reduces cable clutter

Locking eSATA Cable Included—Connect Fusion R400S RAID to the Sonnet 2-port eSATA host controller card with Sonnet's exclusive locking eSATA data cable

Quiet Fans—Low fan noise levels make this Fusion storage system suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments

Tempo SATA Pro 6Gb PCIe 2.0 PCIe Card:

Superior performance—Data transfers up to 375 MB/s

Drive Hot Swapping—Supports drive hot-swapping under OS X®

AHCI Compliant—No drivers required

Supports Locking eSATA Cables—Supports Sonnet-exclusive locking eSATA data cables


PCIe Card Thunderbolt Compatibility Chart

Sonnet Thunderbolt Expansion Partners

Sonnet works closely with the following partners to ensure Thunderbolt compatibility for their products. See the PCIe Card Thunderbolt Compatibility Chart for an up-to-date list of products that have passed Thunderbolt compatibility testing with Sonnet products.

AdobeAJAAppleATTOAvidBlack Magic DesignBlueFish 444CalDigitExaSANFocusriteFusion ioLynx Studio TechnologyMatroxMyricomREDRMESiennaSmall TreeSoftron Media ServicesSolid State LogicStorageDNATandberg DataTolis GroupTools On AirUniversal Audio



Part No.  
XMAC-MS xMac mini Server(1)
XMAC-MS-2H (Available Late April, 2013) xMac mini Server 2H(1)
Warranty 5-year
xMac mini Server Dimensions

19 x 18 x 1.72 in. (48.3 x 45.7 x 4.4 cm)

xMac mini Server 2H Dimensions
19 x 15.8 x 1.72 in. (48.3 x 39.7 x 4.4 cm)

15 lbs (6.8 kg)

External Connectors
  • Two Thunderbolt (one open, one used)
  • One RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port extension
  • Three USB 3.0 ports (one front mount and 2 rear mount)
  • One HDMI port extension
Expansion Slots
  • One x16 (x4 mode) PCIe 2.0
  • One x8 (x4 mode) PCIe 2.0
xMac mini Server
PCIe Cards Supported
  • One full-length, full-height, x16 PCIe 2.0 card

  • One half-length, low-profile, x8 PCIe 2.0 card(2)
  • PCIe 1.1 cards also supported
Compatible PCIe Cards(3) Up-to-date PCIe cards listed on our supporting PCIe Card Thunderbolt Compatibility Chart
Power Supply

Universal 100W, 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

Operating Temperature

+32º F to +95º F (0º C to +35º C)

RoHS Compliant Yes
Package Contents
  • xMac mini Server with power cord, assembled
  • Documentation

Note: Mac mini and PCIe cards sold separately


Specifications subject to change without notice.






Mac® mini or Mac mini Server with a Thunderbolt port

OS X® 10.6.8+

OS X El Capitan compatible

PCIe Card Compatibility

For up-to-date PCIe card compatibility see our PCIe Card Thunderbolt Compatibility Chart

Technical Notes

  1. Mac mini and PCIe cards sold separately.
  2. Requires use of half-height bracket.
  3. Compatibility requires the installation of Thunderbolt technology-aware drivers, available from the manufacturer. See our supporting PCIe Card Thunderbolt Compatibility Chart for a list of up-to-date compatible PCIe cards.

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xMac mini Server Accessories Part No. Description
Fusion Rack Slide Set Rack Slide Set (17.5-21") FUS-RSS-P Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (17.5-21" rack)
Rack Slide Set (23-26.5") FUS-RSS-S Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (23-26.5" rack)
Rack Slide Set (27-30.5") FUS-RSS Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (27-30.5" rack)
Rack Slide Set (29-32.5") FUS-RSS-L Rack Mount Sliding Rail Kit (29-32.5" rack)