Harmoni G3
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295 HARMONi G3 Processor Upgrade Card User's GuideMay-08-19
File Name: harmoni_qsg.pdf
Document Version: HAFWG3-QS-E-040302
File Size: 8.0 MB
Installation instructions for installing the Sonnet HARMONi G3 Processor Upgrade Card into a supported iMac G3 computer.
FAQ (6)
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82 Will my HARMONi upgrade recognize any DIMM?May-12-09
The HARMONi will work with any DIMM that works with the "stock" iMac (rev. A - D), supporting total memory up to 512MB.

There are some 256MB modules that can only be utilized as 128MB, due to a limitation of the parts used at the time that these iMacs were manufactured. A controller chip used in the system's design can recognize a maximum of 128MB of RAM in each "bank" of memory. Until recently, virtually alll 256MB DIMMs used two banks of 128MB. Recent advances in RAM have led to the introduction of some DIMMs with 256MB in a single bank, which has raised the visibility of this issue. These parts are stable, and are not known to reduce system reliability, but they will not deliver the full desired memory capacity. There is no single method for identifying these parts without installing them, so it is recommended that you work with a reseller who can either confirm the design, or who will accept a return based on compatibility.
169 May I discard my original CPU after installing Sonnet's upgrade cards? May-07-09
171 The speed indicated on the G3 or G4 chip on my Sonnet processor upgrade doesn't seem to match the speed of the upgrade I purchased. What's the story?May-07-09
218 The computer's standard startup process takes noticeably longer after upgrading to any Mac OS 9.x system from Mac OS 8.6 or earlier.May-12-09
245 The FireWire port on HARMONi-upgraded iMac computers is disabled. Also, Apple System Profiler reports machine speed as "66 MHz" after installation.Jun-24-09
Some HARMONi units were shipped with the Sonnet Installer CD, which is labeled Software for Crescendo/WS G3 Processor Upgrade Cards Version 1.0; this Installer does not enable the FireWire port. This Installer does properly enable the processor, but Apple System Profiler will not report the correct speed.

Note: Users who received the Sonnet Installer CD labeled Software for Crescendo/WS G3 and HARMONi G3 Processor Upgrade Cards Version 1.0 are not affected.

Users who encounter this issue should download and run the HARMONi Updater.

This Sonnet firmware update enables the FireWire port on affected HARMONi upgrades, and fixes the incorrect reporting of machine speed in Apple System Profiler.
246 Although the installed processor upgrade card works properly, devices connected to the FireWire port of the HARMONi upgrade cannot be used.Jun-24-09