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Hard DriveSonnet Fusion Storage Systems Hard Drive Compatibility

The drive manufacturers make the following hard drive recommendations for various storage systems.



4-5 Drive Desktop(1)
8 Drive Desktop;
4-8 Drive Rackmount(1)
16-Drive Rackmount
Drive Type Drive Warranty (Years) RPM Cache (MB) Rotational Vibration Compensation Manufacturer Drive Details
HGST Deskstar NAS     NAS 3 7200 128-256 Yes Link
HGST Ultrastar Enterprise 5 5900 256 Yes Link
Seagate Iron Wolf NAS (3) (3)   NAS 3 5900-7200 64-256 Yes Link
Seagate Iron Wolf Pro (3) (3) Enterprise 5 7200 256 Yes Link
Toshiba Sonace I   Survelliance 3 7200 64 Yes Link
Toshiba Sonace II   Survelliance 3 5400 128 Yes Link
WD Red NAS   NAS 3 5400 64-256 (2) Link
WD Red Pro NAS   NAS 5 7200 64-256 Yes Link
WD Gold Enterprise Enterprise 5 7200 128-256 Yes Link


Technical Notes

  1. There is a 4TB maximum drive limit for D400Q, D400QR5 and R400QR5.
  2. “Designed for multi-bay NAS”
  3. Seagate Iron Wolf drives have different placement for bottom mounting holes, and are missing the middle side mounting hole. Iron Wolf drives fit the trays of Fusion R400S RAID, R400 RAID USB 3.0, DX800RAID, RX1600RAID, and RX1600 Fibre. Iron Wolf drives do not fit the trays of Fusion F3, D400Q, D400QR5, DE4QR, D500P, D800P2, R400P, R400QR5, R800RAID or Echo 15 Dock.