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Tempo SATA E4P
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Driver (3)
IDDownload TitleDownload LinkPost Date
148 Tempo SATA Pro Family Driver (OS X - Intel Macs) 2.2.9bMay-20-2014
Operating System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11+, Mac OS X Server 10.4.11+
File Name: dskcd-tsata-229b.dmg
File Size: 741.6 KB
Description: This software enables the use of Tempo SATA E4P and Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34 (3Gb model) in Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, respectively.

Under macOS, If the driver doesn't load, you may need to go to System Preferences...Security & Privacy panel...General tab, and manually authorize the Sonnet driver and restart.
150 Tempo SATA Pro Family Driver (Windows) 4.2.0May-12-2010
384 Tempo SATA Pro Family Driver (OS X-Power Mac Only) 2.2.4May-27-2010
Firmware (0)
Manual (1)
FAQ (21)
IDArticle TitlePost Date
36 What are the benefits of supporting Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC)? Mar-02-10
37 Is it possible to boot from a volume that resides on the Tempo SATA card? Mar-02-10
39 Can I hot-swap a disk drive that is attached to any Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA card? Mar-23-10
40 How does hot-swap functionality work? Mar-02-10
42 Can the Tempo SATA cards co-exist with other manufacturers' Serial ATA cards? Oct-27-09
43 Can I operate a Sonnet PCIe (x4) card in a PCIe x8 or x16 slot? Mar-02-10
63 Can I operate two Tempo SATA cards in the same system? Sep-02-09
87 I cannot get the Tempo SATA E4P to install properly under Windows Home Server. Sep-02-09
103 Tempo SATA E4P not recognized in a Mac Pro. Sep-02-09
106 Is Tempo SATA E4P, E4i, X4P, or X4i compatible with Red Hat Linux? Sep-02-09
120 How do I set up a RAID 0 striped array under Windows XP Professional or Vista? Mar-23-10
121 Can I set up a RAID 1 mirrored array under Windows XP or Vista? Mar-23-10
404 The Sonnet Tempo SATA card does not work with my Western Digital My Book Premium ES Edition, or Seagate Technology FreeAgent Pro. Mar-02-10
452 I upgraded my Tempo SATA software in a PowerMac G4 or G5 and the card is giving a lot of system errors. Oct-12-09
454 I have connected a large hardware RAID volume (for example, a 4TB Fusion D400QR5) to a Sonnet Pro SATA card in a Macintosh, and it is showing up as only 2TB. Why? Oct-14-09
459 The performance of my drive array is significantly less than I expect. Jun-14-11
491 Are Sonnet Tempo SATA cards compatible with the Drobo S? Feb-02-11
544 How do I uninstall the Sonnet Pro SATA Driver? Dec-26-10
653 I connected a Red Station media reader to the eSATA ports, but the media would not mount. How do I mount the media? May-06-13
659 eSATA drives won't mount after updating to OS X 10.7.4 Jun-22-12
972 After I upgraded to macOS High Sierra (10.13), the Twin 10G, Presto 10GbE, or other Sonnet PCIe card that requires a driver is not loading. Sep-12-18

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