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Fusion R400P
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387 How do I replace a failed drive under warranty if I'm in a sensitive/classified environment and can't send the old one back?Mar-23-10
450 My storage shows 10% more capacity under OS X 10.6 than under OS X 10.5. Why?Mar-24-10
With Snow Leopard (10.6), Apple adopted the standard usage of terabyte (TB) which equals 1,000,000,000,000 bytes = 10-to-the-12th bytes. Hard drive manufacturers have always specified drive capacity with standard usage which will now match what Mac OS X reports.

WIth Leopard (10.5) and previous versions of Mac OS X, Apple used the binary interpretation of terabyte, (technically a tebibyte) = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes = 2-to-the-40th bytes. Windows also uses binary interpretation.

Under Snow Leopard, drive capacity will be shown per drive specifications. For example, under OS X 10.6, a 1TB drive will appear as a 1000 GB capacity drive (but under OS X 10.5 as a 909 GB capacity drive). For additional information see

What does this mean in real terms? Do I get an immediate increase in storage space?
Formatting or actual capacity does not change at all, only the reported capacity because of the change from base-2 to base-10.

Should I reformat the drives before attempting to plug in a previously 10.5 formatted unit into a 10.6 machine or vice versa?
Reformatting is not necessary at all.

What happens if I plug a 10.6 formatted unit into a 10.5 machine or vice versa?
The volume is seen normally. It is completely compatible and can be transparently moved back and forth.
453 Only the first drive of my Fusion D400Q, D500P, R400P, or R400Q is recognized when I connect via SATA. Why?Mar-24-10
459 The performance of my drive array is significantly less than I expect.Jun-14-11
955 Can I use Seagate Iron Wolf drives; or Hitchai and WD drives 8TB and larger?May-31-18

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