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Fusion R400P
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IDArticle TitlePost Date
387 How do I replace a failed drive under warranty if I'm in a sensitive/classified environment and can't send the old one back?Mar-23-10
450 My storage shows 10% more capacity under OS X 10.6 than under OS X 10.5. Why?Mar-24-10
453 Only the first drive of my Fusion D400Q, D500P, R400P, or R400Q is recognized when I connect via SATA. Why?Mar-24-10
459 The performance of my drive array is significantly less than I expect.Jun-14-11
Another manufacturer's previously-installed SATA driver may be accessing a Sonnet SATA card in error causing a drive access slowdown. For example, we have seen Fusion D400QR5 performance drop from 200MB/s to under 50MB/s in such circumstances. The solution is to remove the other manufacturer's SATA driver.
955 Can I use Seagate Iron Wolf drives; or Hitchai and WD drives 8TB and larger?May-31-18

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