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USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 (discontinued 2014)
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Driver (2)
IDDownload TitleDownload LinkPost Date
521 USB 3.0 Driver and Firmware (Windows) DR / FW
569 USB 3.0 Driver (Mac) 1.0.9b1Feb-25-2013
Firmware (0)
Manual (2)
FAQ (12)
IDArticle TitlePost Date
524 Does the Sonnet USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 support the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle, Pocket UltraScope, and UltraStudio Pro? Aug-24-10
588 Does the Sonnet USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 support bus-powered 2.5" USB 3.0 drives? Jul-11-13
625 The Sonnet Dio USB 3 Media reader does not properly come out of sleep when connected to the Sonnet USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34. Sep-25-12
636 Can I get additional USB 5V power by applying auxiliary 5V power to the plug on the card? Dec-23-11
637 Can I use the World Travel Power Adapter with a USB 3 ExpressCard/34? Dec-23-11
641 Why is my USB 3.0 card reporting a USB 2.0 connection to a USB 3.0 storage device? Jan-10-12
668 Does my Sonnet USB 3.0 card work with OS X 10.7.5? Sep-04-12
671 My UDMA7 CF cards are reading very slowly when I connect to Macintosh built-in USB 3 ports. Jul-20-12
681 Are Sonnet's USB 3.0 cards compatible with OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)? Sep-04-12
732 Do the Sonnet Allegro USB 3.0 cards support Thumb Drives? Oct-24-13
756 Do the Sonnet USB 2.0 or USB 3 cards support the Apple SuperDrive? Jun-29-20
778 I have a 17" MacBook Pro 6,1 and my ExpressCard does not work after upgrading to Mavericks. Dec-30-13

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