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xMac Pro Server
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785 What cables are compatible with the Sonnet Thunderbolt lock for Echo Express, xMac mini Server, and xMac Pro Server products?Aug-15-14
792 Can I make my Moble Rack Device Mounting Kit quieter?Jan-22-15
The 80x25mm fan in the rear near the power supply provides enough cooling for up-front storage modules; The storage modules smaller fans can be switched off or disconnected.

If you have the Mobile Rack Storage with 4 SSDs, or with 2 SSDs with one Optical Drive (MR-STO-X8SSD, MR-BRM-X2S1H, MR-LTO-X4SSD, or MR-QIO-X4SSD), you may safely turn off the fan power switch on the rear of the 4 SSD module and/or the 2 SSDs with one Optical Drive module. (Note that earlier modules may not have a fan power switch.) Sonnet is currently shipping SSD drive modules with the fan power switches off.

If you have the Mobile Rack Storage with 3x 3.5" Drives (MR-MPM-X3HD), then you may safely remove the rear plastic cover from the 3x 3.5" drive module and unplug the fan power cable. Sonnet is currently shipping units 3.5" drive modules with the fan power cables unplugged.
939 What power cable do I need for the Avid HDX card for the Echo Express III-D, III-R, or xMac Pro Server?Feb-16-18
975 Can I substitute very quiet fans in the Echo Express SE II, SE III or xMac Pro Server Mobile Rack Kit?Jan-15-18
996 How do I get effective Wi-Fi and Blutooth when my Mac Pro is mounted in xMac Pro Server or RackMac Pro?Dec-17-18

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