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Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Flash Drive
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891 After hot unplug/plug my HP ZBook gets a "Unable to load driver because a previous driver is still in memory" error.Jan-03-17
We have seen this on an HP ZBook 15, but it may apply to other HP ZBooks. For hot-plug devices -- USB 3 or Thunderbolt 3 -- HP implemented a "HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor" that for some reason did not understand how to hot unplug Thunderbolt 3 devices correctly. The hot unplug would apparently work, but a subsequent hot plug would fail, with a mysterious "Unable to load driver because a previous driver is still in memory" error.

If it does occur, you have to go into the device manager, look under System Devices for "HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor", and delete it. See this FAQ describing how to do it.
906 I'm getting low throughput on my Thunderbolt 3 device. Why could this be?Oct-05-17
942 Can I replace the M.2 module inside the Fusion Flash Drive?Sep-25-17
Unequivocally not!

For the following reasons:
1) An alternate SSD module would likely not fit. The internal heat sink case is milled with very tight tolerances for a specific SSD for efficient heat conduction.
2) Without customized heat sinking, an alternative SSD module would likely overheat.
3) An alternate SSD would likely unexpectedly disconnect in the middle of a write because of a power surge. Sonnet carefully chose and tested an SSD that does not exceed the Thunderbolt power limit. Most SSDs consume more power than Thunderbolt can support for a bus-powered device.
4) You may damage your computer.
5) You would void your warranty.
973 The Fusion Flash Drive is not showing up in Disk Utility on macOS 10.13.Mar-07-18
1021 Can I connect the Fusion Thunderbolt 3 Edition PCIe Flash Drive to a Thunderbolt 2 Mac?Jul-23-18
1043 My computer is not recognizing the Fusion Thunderbolt 3 Flash Drive deviceDec-15-18
1045 Upon connecting the Thunderbolt 3 Fusion Flash Drive, I see an error message "Accessory Needs More Power"Dec-18-18

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