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Twin10G Thunderbolt 3 Edition
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IDArticle TitlePost Date
808 What 10GBase-T switches and PCIe cards has Sonnet tested for interoperability?Dec-22-19
809 What reasonably-priced 10GBASE-T switches can Sonnet recommend?Dec-22-19
814 I'm getting low throughput on macOS. How can I fix this?May-30-20
940 Can I connect an Echo Express SEL, SE I, SE II, SE III or SE IIIe; or Twin 10G to battery power?Sep-09-19
972 After I upgraded macOS, the Twin10G, Presto 10GbE, or other Sonnet PCIe card that requires a driver is not loading.Dec-22-19
974 Can I get increased performance from Link Aggregation in macOS?Dec-22-19
984 Can I connect two computers to one Twin10G?Aug-06-19
993 My system crashes, freezes, or fails to connect when I talk to a storage device on the networkDec-22-19
994 My Twin10G or Presto 10GbE is not working on macOS.Dec-22-19
1065 I'm getting very slow performance with my Presto 10G PCIe card or Twin10G Thunderbolt 10G adapter with OS X 10.11-10.12.Dec-22-19
1067 How and when to use two ethernet ports on a MacAug-06-19

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