Allegro Pro Type A USB 3.2 PCIe Card (USB3-PRO-4P10-E)
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1149 How to configure Linux to use Allegro Pro USB card models USB3C-4PM-E and USB3-PRO-4P10-EMay-04-21
In some computers, USB 3 devices connected to Allegro Pro USB 3 card models USB3C-4PM-E and USB3-PRO-4P10-E are not detected by Linux.

You can fix this by adding the Linux kernel parameter pci=disable_acs_redir=pci:12D8:2308 to the computer's Linux boot script. (Describing how to add a Linux kernel parameter to the computer's Linux boot script is beyond the scope of this FAQ.)

This parameter sets disable_acs_redir for PCIe devices with id 12D8:2308 (which is the PCIe bridge chip on these cards). This parameter disables PCI Express Access Control Services (ACS) functions ACS P2P Request Redirect and ACS P2P Completion Redirect. This has no effect on operation unless you are in a virtualized environment, in which case you must assign all four USB 3 ports to a single virtual machine.
1168 If I put a usb 2.0 and 3.0 device on the same controller will the speeds for the 3.0 device drop to 2.0 like older split-port controllers?Dec-07-21