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Echo 15+
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861 Echo Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 Dock Installer (macOS) 1.1.10Aug-07-2019
Operating System Requirements: macOS 10.12.6+
File Name: dskcd-echo-installer-110.dmg
File Size: 936.2 KB
Description: This software installs a driver for the Echo 11 and Echo 15+ Dock's USB 3.0 ports' power circuits. This driver enables the connected computer to recognize that the dock can charge iOS devices, and also has sufficient power to operate the Apple SuperDrive and bus-powered peripherals plugged into the Apple USB keyboard. This driver is required for use in Mac products, and should only be run in macOS 10.12.6 and later. This software also installs a menulet that will enable the user to eject all devices connected to the dock at the with one command.

1. The driver for the USB 3.0 charging ports enable the dock to support full iPad, iPhone, and iPod charging capabilities (out-of-the box, the dock will charge iOS devices at 4.5W, and at 7.5W with the software installed).
2. While you may eject volumes individually, the menulet enables you to eject all storage volumes attached to the dock at once.
3. This driver has been notarized, enabling it to be installed under macOS Catalina.
862 Echo 15+ Gigabit Ethernet Driver (Windows) Oct 2015
863 Echo 15+ SATA Driver (Windows)
864 Echo 15+ USB 3.0 Driver (Windows) 3.8.35514.0
873 Echo 15+ BD Models MacGo BluRay Player Software
989 Echo 15+ FireWire Driver (Windows)
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