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eGFX Breakaway Box
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Manual (4)
IDDownload TitleDownload LinkPost Date
910 eGFX Breakaway Box Developer Edition Quick Start GuideJun-30-17
912 eGFX Breakaway Box (All Models) Quick Start Guide Guide [English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish]Feb-15-18
918 eGFX Windows 10 Installation Guide Aug-08-17
1006 VPAT for Thunderbolt Expansion ChassisMar-05-18
FAQ (17)
IDArticle TitlePost Date
914 Does the Breakaway Box support the AMD Radeon Vega 64, FE, or WX9100?Feb-13-18
915 The GPU-350W-TB3 and GPU-350W-TB3Z both have 350W power supplies, but only GPU-350W-TB3Z supports high end cards such as NVIDIA Titan Xp. Why?Jan-09-18
917 How will using different Thunderbolt generations affect gaming performance with external graphics?Mar-12-18
925 My eGFX Breakaway Box won't turn on.Aug-26-17
926 I have a Windows computer with an internal discrete NVIDIA dGPU and the external NViDIA eGPU is not recogized.Dec-03-17
f you have an internal discrete NVIDIA GPU (dGPU), the discrete GPU driver was designed to switch between the Intel integrated GPU & the NVIDIA dGPU, and does not support NVIDIA external GPUs. (If you are using an AMD Radeon eGPU, you will not have this issue.)

There are a couple of potential solutions:

1. If you are using an NVIDIA eGPU, then you can just disable the NVIDIA dGPU. In Device Manager->Display adapters, right click on the dGPU and select disable.

2. You can uninstall the dGPU driver and install the eGPU driver that will support both the external GPU and discrete GPU.
a. Download and run the latest Driver Display Uninstaller from Wagnardsoft.
b. Install the latest NVIDIA desktop driver for the GeForce GTX 10 series card.

930 What kind of performance can I expect from the NVIDIA Titan Xp (Pascal) with the eGFX Breakaway Box?Nov-06-17
931 Can I use a Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box with Boot Camp?Dec-05-17
938 What power cable do I need for the Avid HDX card?Nov-06-17
969 Breakaway Box/Breakaway Puck and macOS.Jan-30-18
978 Sonnet's macOS-compatible external graphics supports up to 5 displays. How can I tile them into one large display?Jan-22-18
988 Can I use VR on macOS?Jan-08-18
991 What is the maximum size GPU card that will fit in a Breakaway Box?Jan-16-18
995 Which NVIDIA cards are supported as external GPUs.Jan-26-18
998 I need to ship the Breakaway Box. Do I need to remove the card?Feb-12-18
999 How do I get external graphics working on a Gigabyte motherboard?Feb-15-18
1001 My display is not being detected on macOS.Feb-18-18
1002 My 4K display is connecting only at 30Hz. Why I can't set it to 60Hz?Mar-15-18

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