Connect and Power Up to Eight High Performance USB Peripherals
Allegro Pro USB-C 8 Port PCIe Card with USB Peripherals
Connect and Power
eight high performance USB peripherals
Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card
Allegro Pro USB-C
8-Port PCIe Card
8-port, USB-C 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 2) PCIe Card with Four USB Controllers Plus USB-C Charging
compatible with Mac® | Windows® | Linux®
compatible with Mac®, Windows,®
and Linux®
8 SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Type-C Ports
Pro Ports.
Max Performance from Each One.
First pro PCIe adapter card with eight external USB-C ports, four USB 3.2 controllers, and an x8 PCIe 3.0 bridge chip
Even in computers with multiple expansion card slots, every slot is valuable — there may not be space to install two 4-port adapter cards. Sonnet’s Allegro™ Pro USB-C® 8-Port PCIe Card is the first adapter card ever to feature eight high performance USB-C ports, fitting them neatly on a standard full-height PCIe card bracket. Ports are spaced to enable connection of eight cables (and even USB-C male to USB-A female adapters).

Why Sonnet? Many multi-port USB cards split a single USB controller’s bandwidth among their ports, limiting performance when two or more devices are connected and operating. When installed in a computer’s PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 slot, Sonnet’s card provides full 10Gbps bandwidth to every one of its eight ports, ensuring maximum performance from each one.
Eight USB-C Ports Icon
Eight USB-C 10Gbps Ports
Ports are spaced to enable connection of eight cables (and even USB-C to USB-A adapters)
PCIe 3.0 Bridge Chip and Four USB 3.2 Controller Chips Icon
Four USB 3.2 Gen 2 Controllers + PCIe 3.0 Bridge Chip
x8 PCIe 3.0 bridge chip, four independent USB 3.2 controllers controlling a pair of ports each, can concurrently deliver full 10Gbps bandwidth through each port
Intelligent Power Delivery and Management Icon
Intelligent Power Delivery & Management
Independent, per-port power regulation – prevents power glitches that cause auto-disconnects of already-connected drives
Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card with NVMe SSD Enclosure and SSD Module
The Most Capable 10Gbps USB Card

USB SSD Nirvana

Equipped with NVMe SSDs, the fastest USB 3.2 Gen 2 drives available can transfer data at incredible speeds. Chances are your computer has few ports capable of supporting their full performance. Upgrade your workflow in a major way by installing Sonnet’s Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card in your Mac Pro®, Windows, or Linux computer; or Echo™ III Thunderbolt™ to PCIe card expansion system to support up to eight NVMe USB drives at maximum performance(1), no power adapters needed.
Compatible Computers, Notebooks, and Thunderbolt Expansion Systems

Add Eight 10Gbps USB-C Ports to Computers Without Ports (with an Allegro Card Installed in a Thunderbolt Expansion System) and Desktop Computers with an x16 PCIe Slot

Cables Connected to USB-C Ports On the Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card
High Speed Simultaneous Transfers

10Gbps from Every Port!

Many multi-port USB cards are simple hubs that split a single USB controller’s bandwidth between all its ports, which limits their performance when two or more devices are connected and operating. When installed in a computer’s PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 slot, Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card supports eight simultaneous 10Gbps transfers. It is ideal for transferring data from multiple drives to the computer (and from drive to drive) — data transfers from a single USB 3.2 NVMe SSD device at up to 1000 MB/s. Compared to using a USB 3.1 Gen 1 or USB 3.0 adapter card, transfers complete in half the time!
Full 10Gbps Performance From All USB-C Ports IllustrationSSD RAID Drive to Drive Configuration - Data Transfers Up to 1000 MB/s
Built to Perform

Advanced Bandwidth Management Architecture

With its advanced architecture, the Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card can deliver full 10Gbps bandwidth to each of its ports. This is accomplished by providing each USB controller access to two lanes of PCIe 3.0 via an x8 PCIe 3.0 bridge chip, plus by implementing advanced data traffic management to eliminate bandwidth congestion. By providing full-bandwidth PCIe bridging to four controllers and by eliminating bandwidth congestion, this Sonnet card is the highest-performing USB 3.2 Gen 2 PCIe card ever made.

FULL 10Gbps Bandwidth on every Port!

Allegro Advanced Bandwidth Management Architecture Illustration

Learn More About Advanced USB 3.2 Features

Multiple INs

The Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card implements an advanced USB 3.2 feature called “Multiple INs.” When the host computer wants to read from a device — a USB SSD, for instance — it initiates a transaction (called an “IN” transaction), waits for the device to respond with a data packet, and then sends an acknowledge response. Traditionally, the controller must wait for the first device to complete the transaction before making a request of the second device, resulting in bandwidth congestion. The Sonnet card, however, can issue a request to a device, and then proceed to issue a request to another device without waiting for the first device to respond, and so on.
Allegro USB 3.2 Advanced Feature Multiple INs Diagram
With Multiple INs - No Waiting for Multiple Device Connections
Without Multiple INs - First Device Has to Respond Before Other Devices
Sonnet Port Power Advantages
Sonnet designed the Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card with a focus on intelligent power delivery and management for attached drives powered through its ports — unlike ordinary USB adapter cards designed without attention to detail.

Powerfully Intelligent

7.5W of Power Icon
7.5W of Power Provided Through Each Port Simultaneously

This Allegro card supports eight USB bus-powered SSDs or hard drives.

No Auxiliary Power Required Icon
No Auxiliary Power Required

Ordinary USB cards need a separate power connection. Sonnet’s Allegro card draws all the power necessary to operate connected drives from the slot it’s installed in. This enables you to install the Sonnet card in any compatible computer or Thunderbolt expansion system regardless of it having extra power connectors available.

Independent, Per-Port Power Regulation Icon
Independent, Per-Port Power Regulation

The Allegro card protects each port from power glitches on neighboring ports to prevent auto-disconnects of already-connected drives. Ordinary USB cards can deliver poor power regulation, allowing a connected drive to be forced off (auto-disconnected) when an additional drive is connected or disconnected.

Resettable Fuses Icon
Resettable Fuses

Unlike ordinary USB cards, the Allegro card features a resettable fuse on each port that protects both the card and computer should a cable or peripheral fail. Resetting a tripped fuse is simple — just shut down and then restart your computer.

Key Features

8 USB-C Ports Icon

Eight 10Gbps USB-C Ports on a Single Card

Adds eight USB-C 10Gbps ports to your Mac Pro, Windows, or Linux computer; or Thunderbolt to PCIe card expansion system.

8 USB-C Cables Icon

Supports Eight USB-C Cables

Ports are spaced to enable connection of eight cables (and even USB-C male to USB-A female adapters).

4 USB Controllers Icon

Four Independent USB Controllers, Full 10Gbps Bandwidth Per Port

PCIe 3.0 bridge chip and four USB 3.2 controllers enable each port to support data transfers at up to 1000 MB/s, even while transferring files from multiple drives concurrently.

Advanced Data Management Icon

Advanced Data Traffic Management

This Sonnet card supports “Multiple Ins,” which means that that the host can issue a read request to one endpoint device and then proceed with other transactions without waiting for the response from the first device, eliminating traffic congestion.

Powered Ports Icon

Powered Ports

Supports USB-C bus-powered SSD, SSD RAID, and hard drive devices with up to 7.5W power per port.

Protected Power Delivery Icon

Protected Power Delivery

Sonnet USB 3.2 cards uniquely have a power switch on each USB 3 port that manages and monitors the current flow of the port. The switch limits the current draw when a new USB 3 device is connected, minimizing the voltage droop of the main USB 5V power rail, thereby protecting devices connected to other USB ports from going offline because of port power droop.

4 Virtual Machines Icon

Supports Four Independent Physical Connections to VMs

Four independent USB 3.2 controllers control a pair of ports each. If your VM software supports direct physical connections, then each of the Sonnet card’s controllers can be independently attached to a separate virtual machine.

Supports Hot-Swappable Device Connection Icon

Supports Hot-Swappable Device Connections

Plug in and disconnect peripherals without shutting off your computer.

Broad USB Device Support and Compatibility Icon

Broad USB Device Support and Compatibility

Supports storage, hubs, and other USB-IF compliant devices.

Easy Installation Icon

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation into any available x16 PCIe slot, plus no driver installation required.

Great for Use in Thunderbolt Expansion Systems Icon

Great for Use in Thunderbolt Expansion Systems

Use in Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion systems with an available x16 PCIe card slot to power and connect eight 10Gbps USB SSDs to your computer.

Mac, Windows, and Linux Compatible Icon

Mac, Windows, and Linux Compatible

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

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Industry Leading

8-port USB 3.2 Professional PCIe Card

Eight Cables Conected to USB-C Ports On Allegro Card
Ports are spaced to enable connection of eight cables without issue
USB-C to USB-A Femail Adapters Connected to USB-C Ports
Ports also easily accept USB-C male to USB-A female adapters
Virtually Independent

Supports Four Independent Physical Connections to Virtual Machines (VMs)

The Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card’s four independent USB 3.2 controllers control a pair of ports each. If your VM software supports direct physical connections, then each of these four controllers can be independently attached to a separate virtual machine.
Virtual Machines Illustration
USB-C Devices
Broad Device Support

Easy Card Installation

The Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card offers hot-pluggable and hot-swappable device connection support with automatic device configuration and works with all USB-IF compliant USB peripherals. This full-height Sonnet card installs easily into a PCIe x16 slot and does not require a driver installation.
Echo III Desktop and Echo III Rackmount Thunderbolt Expansion Systems
Got an Echo III Thunderbolt Expansion System?

Add Eight USB-C Ports Using Only One Slot

Does your computer have a Thunderbolt connection, but no PCIe card slot? The Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card provides great performance, and is ideal for use in a Sonnet Echo III Desktop, Echo III Rackmount, or a DuoModo Echo III Module Thunderbolt expansion system. The combo enables you to connect eight USB devices to any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 3 ports, supporting aggregate transfers up to 2800 MB/s.

Allegro Pro USB-C 8-Port PCIe Card