Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub - The Hub of Your Connected Life
Echo 11 Thunderbolt 4 Dock - Video Editing Setup
Echo 11 Thunderbolt 4 Dock - Video Editing Setup
The Hub
of your connected life
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Front Hero
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub
Compact Universal Thunderbolt 4 Hub with Four Thunderbolt 4 Ports, Convenient Front Panel USB 3.2 Charging Port, and 8K Display Support
Mac® | Windows® | Chromebook™ | iPad Pro®
Compatible with Apple® M series Macs; Thunderbolt™ 3 Intel® Macs; Thunderbolt 3/4 and USB4 Windows computers; Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 Chromebook; and M series iPad Pro
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Front PanelEcho 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Back Panel

Thunderbolt 4

The Highest-Bandwidth, Most Versatile Connection Available

The Thunderbolt hub you've always wanted, without paying for the extra features you don’t need. A single cable powers your laptop and connects to multiple Thunderbolt and USB peripheral devices. Sonnet’s Echo™ 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub – the compact universal hub for dedicated Thunderbolt connectivity.
Thunderbolt Peripherals Icon
Attach three Thunderbolt peripherals
USB Devices Icon
Alternate use — attach three USB devices to Thunderbolt ports (or at the end of Thunderbolt chains)
USB Type A Connector Icon
Attach one USB device with Type A connector
Two 6K or One 8K Display Support Icon
Connect up to two 6K displays; or a single display up to 8K resolution!
Laptop Icon
Charge your laptop
iPhone Icon
Charge your phone or tablet
Apple MacBook Pro

Connect to Your Peripherals and Power Your Computer with One Cable

Plug in your Thunderbolt devices, monitor(s), and USB peripherals, and then connect them all to your computer from the hub with the included Thunderbolt cable. Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub will even power your laptop with up to 85W of charging power. When it is time to leave, just unplug the Thunderbolt cable, grab your laptop, and go.
85W Charging Power Icon

Small Package. Big Charge.

Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Work & Play Lifestyle

Work. Play.

Port Multiplication–
Turn One Thunderbolt Port into Three

Flexible Device Connectivity for Work and Play

Based on the Intel® Goshen Ridge controller, Echo 5 Thunderbolt Hub features four Thunderbolt 4 ports; one for connection/power to your computer, plus three to connect Thunderbolt peripheral devices. The Thunderbolt ports also support USB4 and USB 3 peripherals. For bus-powered devices, the Hub’s Thunderbolt peripheral ports provide 15W per port, supporting the most demanding bus-powered Thunderbolt and USB peripherals — they can even charge your iPhone® or iPad® twice as fast as using the USB Type A port.
Two 4K Displays Workflow
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Two 4K Displays Workflow
Port 1
4K Thunderbolt/USB-C Monitor, or DisplayPort®/HDMI® Monitor (with Adapter)
Port 2
Sonnet Solo10G™ 10GbE Network Adapter
Port 3
4K Thunderbolt/USB-C Monitor, or DisplayPort/HDMI Monitor (with Adapter)
6K Display Workflow
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub 6K Display Workflow
Port 1
Sonnet Echo Express SE I (with audio capture card) + Sonnet CFast 2.0 Pro Card Reader + Bus-powered Thunderbolt 3 SSD Drive
Port 2
6K Display
Port 3
Thunderbolt Desktop RAID Storage + Sonnet Solo10G 10GbE Network Adapter
Two 5K Displays Workflow
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Two 5K Displays Workflow
Port 1
5K Display
Port 2
Sonnet Solo10G 10GbE Network Adapter
Port 3
5K Display
Two Apple Pro Display XDR Workflow
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Two Apple Pro Display XDR Workflow
Port 1
Apple Pro Display XDR® or 4K Display
Port 2
Sonnet Solo10G 10GbE Network Adapter
Port 3
Apple Pro Display XDR or 4K Display
iPad Pro with Display Workflow
The Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub is also great for use with your iPad Pro with a Thunderbolt port, enabling you to quickly charge the tablet while connecting multiple Thunderbolt peripherals — including an up to 6K monitor — or USB devices.
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub iPad Pro with Display Workflow
Port 1
Bus-powered Thunderbolt or USB SSD
Port 2
Sonnet Solo10G 10GbE Network Adapter
Port 3
Mirrored Display up to 6K

Powerful 10Gbs Front Panel USB Port

Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports with USB NVMe SSDs


Super Fast USB NVMe SSDs at Full Speed

Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub features a USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) Type A port on the front to support super fast USB NVMe SSDs at full speed. And unlike some other hubs, Echo 5 doesn’t skimp on power either — it provides up to 7.5W, ensuring bus-powered devices will operate without fail.
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub iPad and iPhone Charging


iPhone, iPad, USB Devices

Echo 5 hub also supports charging your iPhone, iPad, or other device that charges over USB.
Thunderbolt Computers and iPad Pro

Thunderbolt Certified for Mac, Windows, ChromeBook, and iPad Pro

Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub is certified for use with Apple M series Macs; Thunderbolt 3 Intel Macs; Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 Windows computers; Thunderbolt 3 Windows computers with an Intel 8th Gen (2018) or newer CPU; Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 Chromebook computers; and M series iPad Pro. See Tech Specs for current computer and OS compatibility information.
Thunderbolt Certified Logo

Key Features

One Cable Peripheral Connection Icon

One Cable Peripheral Connection

Instant access – plug peripherals into the Echo 5 and connect your computer to the hub with the included Thunderbolt cable.

Five Ports Icon

Five Ports

Includes four Thunderbolt 4 ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A (charging) port.

Three Thunderbolt 4 Ports for Peripherals Icon

Three Thunderbolt 4 Ports for Peripherals

Connects three Thunderbolt peripherals (with support for daisy chaining additional peripherals). Also supports USB4 and USB 3 devices.

Powerful 10Gbps USB Type A Charging Port Icon

Powerful 10Gbps USB Type A Charging Port

Front panel USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) port supports super fast USB 3 NVMe SSDs at full speed. Provides up to 7.5W of power, ensuring bus-powered devices will operate without fail; can also charge an iOS device or other device that charges via USB.

Support for 4K, 5K, 6K, and 8K @ 60Hz Displays Icon

Support for 1080p, 1440p, 4K, 5K, 6K, and 8K Displays @ up to 240Hz

Depending on your computer, supports up to two 5K displays or a single 4K, 5K, 6K, or 8K display (see Displays Compatibility PDF).

Many Display Interfaces Supported Icon

Many Display Interfaces Supported

Connect Thunderbolt and USB-C displays directly. Supports HDMI and DisplayPort displays with a Thunderbolt-compatible adapter (sold separately).

Travel-Sized Thunderbolt Port Expander

Travel-Sized Thunderbolt Port Expander

Measuring just 5.1 inches wide by 2.8 inches deep by 0.9 inches high, the hub can be tossed into your backpack with your laptop or tablet to provide the extra Thunderbolt and USB connectivity you need on the go.

Charge Your Computer Icon

Charge Your Computer

Provides up to 85W through the included Thunderbolt cable to power and charge your laptop.

Apple M Series Compatible Icon

Apple M Series Compatible

Supports all M series Macs.

Intel Mac Compatible Icon

Intel Mac and Windows Compatible

Supports Thunderbolt 3 Intel Macs; all Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 Windows computers; and late model Thunderbolt 3 Windows computers.

Chrome Compatible Icon

Chromebook Compatible

Supports Chromebook computers with Thunderbolt 4 or USB4 ports.

Apple M Series iPad Pro Compatible Icon

Apple M Series iPad Pro Compatible

Supports all M series iPad Pro tablets.

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4K, 5K, 6K & 8K Displays

Display Delight

Connect up to One 8K, Two 5K, or Two Apple Pro Display XDR Monitors

Depending on your computer’s video capability, Echo 5 Hub supports one (always 4K or 5K; up to 6K or 8K) monitor through its Thunderbolt ports, or up to two 5K or Apple Pro Display XDR monitors; see Tech Specs. You can plug in Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C monitors directly, or, you may connect other display types (HDMI, DisplayPort) by using a Thunderbolt compatible adapter (sold separately).
Display Connections
Thunderbolt 4 or 3 cable
Thunderbolt 1 or 2
Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter
(Mac only)
USB-C to USB-C 10Gbps video cable
USB-C to DisplayPort cable or adapter
(Thunderbolt 3 compatible)
mini DisplayPort
USB-C to mini DisplayPort cable or adapter
(Thunderbolt 3 compatible)
USB-C to HDMI cable or adapter
(Thunderbolt 3 compatible)
Monitors Connection Info Icon
Want to know what resolution monitors you can connect to your computer? See our comprehensive displays compatibility document.
Displays Compatibility PDF
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Travel Companion

Portable Partner

Small Enough to Take with You

Pack the hub instead of the power brick. Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub and power adapter are small enough to fit in your backpack. The hub can charge your laptop and also provide the extra connections you need on the go.
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub with Power Adapter
Hub: 5.1 W x 2.8 D x 0.9 H inches (12.9 x 7.2 x 2.16 cm)
Power Supply: 2.2 W x 5.8 D x 1.3 H inches (5.6 x 14.8 x 3.2 cm)
Region-specific power cable included, not shown
Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub Charges Notebook

Power & Charge

Leave Your Charger at Home

Connected to your portable computer with the included Thunderbolt cable, Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub provides up to 85W of power (Power Delivery), meaning it can power and charge your computer while connected, even when not in use, allowing you to leave your computer’s power adapter packed away.
85W Charging Power Icon

Smart Power Controller

See Tech Specs for footnotes.
Product specifications and information subject to change without notice. Computer hardware and accessories featured in photos that are not included with product are shown for illustration purposes; items sold separately.

Echo 5 Thunderbolt 4 Hub