MacCuff Studio - Steel Support and SecurityRackMac Studio - Pro Rackmount Solution for Mac StudioRackMac Studio - Pro Rackmount Solution for Mac Studio
Mounting and Security for Mac Studio
MacCuff Studio
Steel Bracket to Mount and Secure a Mac Studio Computer Under a Desk or to a Wall
All Around Theft Deterrence, Unrestricted Airflow, Accessible Ports and Cables, and  WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless Access Icons
MacCuff Studio Front PhotoMacCuff Studio Front Photo
Flexible and
Secure Mounting
The Sonnet MacCuff Studio security mounting bracket frees up space by attaching your Mac Studio® under a desk or shelf, or to a wall while allowing unimpeded access to its ports, power switch, and SD card slot.
Front and Back Photos of MacCuff Studio
Wraparound Security

Without Barriers to Operation

Unlike brackets and shelves that merely hold a Mac Studio in place — or others that provide minimal protection — MacCuff Studio is pry-resistant and provides theft deterrence all around. Extended panels on four sides, a pry-resistant security ridge, and steel locking bar envelope your Mac Studio without impeding its operation.
MacCuff Studio Installed Under a Desk
Gap-free, wraparound design secures Mac Studio on all sides
Front of MacCuff Studio Showing How Its Pry-Resistant
Theft deterrence – pry-resistant from desk and front security ridge
Back of MacCuff Studio with Steel Locking Bar
Rear steel locking bar secures Mac Studio in place with multiple security options

Can't be removed from the front

Locked in the back

MacCuff Studio Steel Locking Bar
MacCuff Studio with Padlock and Kensington Lock
Lock It Up

Safely Secure Your Mac Studio

The included steel locking bar can be secured to the bracket in several ways depending on your needs.
Phillips Screw Icon
Simple Security
Standard Screw
A Phillips head screw is provided to hold the locking bar to the bracket, keeping your Mac Studio protected from somebody simply walking up and taking it.
Torx Screw with Torx Screwdriver Bit Icon
Better Security
Torx Screw
A Torx screw and screwdriver bit to fasten it are also included to secure the locking bar in place of the Phillips screw. Because the Torx screw is less common, it is harder to remove without the correct tool, providing added protection for your Mac Studio.
Padlock Icon
Best Security
Your Padlock
MacCuff Studio supports the use of a padlock (sold separately) to secure your Mac Studio — you hold the key (or combination)!
Kensington Lock Icon
Your Kensington® Lock: Ready
Secure your Mac Studio with a Kensington cable lock (sold separately) to further anchor MacCuff Studio and Mac Studio in place.
Padlock and Kensington Lock Icon
Combined Protection
MacCuff Studio supports the use of a padlock plus a screw or Kensington cable lock at the same time for the ultimate in protection.
Watch Overview Video to Learn More About MacCuff Studio Theft Deterrence
Thunderbolt Logo Icon

Watch Overview Video to Learn More About MacCuff Studio Theft Deterrence

Watch Overview Video to Learn More About MacCuff Studio Theft Deterrence >

MacCuff Studio Installed Under a Desk and On a WallMacCuff Studio Installed Under a Desk and On a Wall
Straightforward Installation

Under Desk, Table, or on a Wall

Sonnet provides simple instructions and the necessary hardware to secure the bracket. For under-desk or table-top mounting, simply tape the included drill hole guide to the surface you’re attaching the bracket, drill pilot holes, and then secure MacCuff Studio using the four supplied wood screws. For wall mounting, tape the drill hole template to the wall, drill holes through the wall, install the included drywall anchors in the holes as necessary, and then secure the MacCuff Studio using the four supplied drywall screws.
MacCuff Studio Package

complete package

Key Features

MacCuff Studio Icon

Secures Your Mac Studio Under a Desk, Table, Shelf, or Even to a Wall

Install using included drill hole template and included screws (and anchors for drywall mounting).

Heavy-gauge Steel Icon

Heavy-gauge Steel Design with a Refined Finish

Double powder-coated finish protects your computer.

Wraparound Security Icon

Provides Wraparound, Pry-resistant Security

With the included steel locking bar installed and your padlock attached, your computer is secured on all sides.

Kensington Lock Icon

Kensington Lock Compatible

Includes Kensington Security Slot on locking bar.

Straightforward Installation Icon

Straightforward Installation

Includes easy to follow documentation and a drill hole template, plus the hardware needed to attach the bracket to a desk, shelf, or a wall.

Cable Management Icon

Provides Cable Management

Includes self-adhesive backed cable management clips to keep your cables tidy.

Free Lifetime Tech Support
Mac Studio Installed in a MacCuff Studio Sitting On a TableMac Studio Installed in a MacCuff Studio Sitting On a Table
Heavy Duty Construction

Gentle Touch

Like the Sonnet MacCuff mini 2 bracket for Mac mini® computers, the MacCuff Studio is constructed of heavy-gauge steel to firmly hold your Mac Studio in place, and yet delivers a light touch — its refined double powder-coated finish protects the computer. Sonnet designed MacCuff Studio to secure your computer without blocking its air vents and allows you to connect cables without having to worry whether they will fit. Sonnet also designed MacCuff Studio to support robust WiFi and Bluetooth operation, ideal for all your wireless connections.
Side and Top Photos of MacCuff Studio Cable Management
Keep Your Cables Organized

Cable Management Clips

MacCuff Studio includes two adhesive-backed cable management clips that enable you to route and secure multiple cables the way that best suits your needs. The clips adhere to MacCuff Studio – or desk or wall, if you need – hold cables securely, and allow you to open and close them to move (or remove) cables as necessary. And, they can be removed without damage to the surface they’re adhered to.

MacCuff Studio