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250% the Speed of Gigabit Ethernet
SOLO2.5G PCIe Card
Double+ Network Performance
250% the Speed of Gigabit Ethernet
Solo2.5G PCIe Card
2.5 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Card
Compatible with
Windows® | Linux®
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Have you recently installed a new Ethernet switch capable of supporting 2.5Gb Ethernet (NBASE-T)? Interested in more than doubling network performance at every desk — economically — using the existing Cat 5e cabling already in your home or office walls? Sonnet has what you need — Solo2.5G™ PCIe Card, an inexpensive Ethernet adapter that adds an RJ45 port with superfast 2.5 Gigabit network connectivity to Windows and Linux computers with PCIe® card slot.
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Increase productivity with faster downloads for work-from-home users
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Experience quicker file transfers between PCs and Network Attached Storage (NAS) in the office or at home
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Enjoy faster speed and lower latencies for E-sport games and live streams
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Achieve swifter transfers for multiple users from home media servers
Ethernet Cable with Ethernet Switch
Upgrade to superfast 2.5 Gigabit networking with an inexpensive Ethernet switch
Same Connector and Cabling

Faster Speeds with 2.5GbE Switch

Featuring NBASE-T technology (also known as multi-Gigabit Ethernet), Solo2.5G PCIe Card supports 2.5 Gb/s link speeds (2.5GBASE-T) over common Cat 5e or better cabling when used with a compatible 2.5Gb Ethernet switch or 10Gb Ethernet switch with NBASE-T support. Very affordable 2.5GbE models from D-Link, Netgear, QNAP, TP-Link, TRENDnet, and others are available now. 

Connected to the right switch, you can get great performance gains — 250 percent the speed of Gigabit Ethernet — without rewiring! In case you’re connecting to a switch without NBASE-T support, the Solo2.5G also supports 1 Gb/s and 100 Mb/s link speeds.

250% the Speed of Gigabit Ethernet

Solo2.5G PCIe Card RJ45 Port
Add 2.5GbE connectivity with a Solo2.5G PCIe Card
Solo2.5G PCIe Card with PC Desktop Computer
Upgrade to 2.5G Ethernet

with Existing Cat 5e Cable

Just simply add Solo2.5G PCIe Card – no need to rewire your building; existing wiring already supports up to 2.5 Gb/s.
Benefits of 2.5Gb Ethernet Explained
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Key Features

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Budget Friendly

2.5GbE switches and Sonnet Solo2.5G PCIe Card are bargain-priced.

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Uses Existing Cabling

Faster transfers supported over common Cat 5e wiring originally installed for Gigabit.

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Backup to NAS Is a Breeze

Back up files to Network Attached Storage 2.5x as fast.

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Gamer Advantage

A faster network can reduce lag and increase overall smoothness of game play.

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Remote Work Made Easy

Saves valuable time by downloading files faster.

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Enhances Media Sharing

Enables more people to connect to a media share server with less delay and lag.

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More Than Double Network Performance at Every Desk
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Easy and Fast Upgrade

Install the Sonnet card
Connect your existing network  cable
Enjoy 2.5x as fast performance
Solo2.5G PCIe Card Installed In a Windows PC Desktop Computer

Solo2.5G PCIe Card